Spain agrees to extradite anti-virus company McAfee to the United States

Spanish justice He agreed to extradite to the United States John McAfee, the creator of the famous antivirus program of the same name., due to alleged tax evasion by hiding high income between 2016 and 2018.

In the decision of the Spanish National Court, which he had access to evey, Yeah The green light for McAfee’s handover of facts related to fiscal years 2016, 2017 and 2018, but not for those who meet in 2014 and 2015, which American justice also demanded, because in Spain they will be primary in all cases of administrative crimes.

against thesis defense, The court rules out indications of “politically motivated persecution.”or ideology or the like “since”, other than McAfee’s verbal claims, made “no revealing indication” that he could be subject to it.

McAfee, who is weighed down by a second extradition request from the United States, He was arrested last October at Barcelona’s El Prat Airport (Northeast Spain), when he was about to catch a flight to Istanbul (Turkey), and since then he has been in pretrial detention, after the court also rejected his last request for release, considering that “the risk of escape is still clear” and that he has no” No tangible marks on the roots.”

During the hearing, the businessman who The tax debt of the United States has risen to more than four million dollarsHe claimed he paid “millions of dollars in taxes” and said he was subjected to political persecution after being convicted of corruption at the IRS.

“There is no supporting evidence that such a thing could happen,” responds Spain’s National Court, which adds that the claim “has protection in a crime against public finances — tax evasion —” and that its approval requirements.

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The businessman declared that he had decided to enter politics and participated in the primaries of the Libertarian Party, “a radical and very minority political party – according to its own appearances – in which he was not even elected as a candidate”, says the Spanish court, which he did not see “clear connection” in that with the extradition request. .

Nor does he see credit for “political activity or any kind that has been suppressed” or that it “poses any kind of danger to the interests” of the United States.

It also confirms that the fileBodies surrounding McAfee’s health, 75, ‘lack any apparent’ With regard to the origin of the extradition and his request to rescind the proceedings to give the United Kingdom, also his country of nationality, the opportunity to request his extradition is not accepted, something which will be assessed ‘when appropriate’.


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