They limit Konaset scholarships for graduate programs abroad, as they accuse

Invitations to Scholarships for postgraduate studies abroad That would be published National Council for Science and Technology (ConasetThis year, they will only be devoted to health sciences, and this Tuesday a user denounced a request from the platform, In which they allegedly recovered a statement from agency officials.

In February 2021 Conaset She carried a call calendar for this year on her page stating that scholarships for postgraduate studies abroad would be exclusive to the health sciences. This caused great outrage on the part of students and the academic community in social networks as thousands of young people wanted to know whether the scholarships had been canceled, “according to the petition uploaded by user Anna Guevara.

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According to the same text, many graduate students abroad contacted State Department officials Conaset, Including Marcella Cruz CaballeroHe is a deputy director Scholarships abroad. The report said that she and other officials had confirmed this information.

“I comment that all our calls this year, including the call for PhD scholarships abroad, will be directed to the health field,” Cruz’s joint response was, José Alberto Villegas Díaz (Head of Administration, Evaluation and Adjustment of Scholarships Abroad) and Anna Carina Sidillo Hernandez (link to administer, evaluate and amend foreign scholarships), allegedly to have been awarded to students.

at recent days Conaset It has been criticized by the scientific community. In October of last year, the head of the agency, Elena Alvarez BoelaChief action supported MexicoAnd the Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, To crack trust, Which he considered prone to developing corruption.

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While earlier this month, the agency agreed to reform the regulation National Search System (SNI) Which amends the criteria for providing financial support to specialists.

On the petition, which already registers more than 35,000 signatures, a statement Alvarez Boela In which it indicated that none of the scholarships for students abroad will be modified.

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“Hopefully at that time (because there are now more resources to support education) than a manager Conaset Save your word and respect your data and scholarships to study Postgraduate studies abroad Other sciences in addition to health sciences, “as stated in the final part of the petition.

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