They launched “Indigenous Entrepreneurship Month 2023” to re-evaluate productive work for communities

Indigenous Entrepreneurship Month is coming soon

In order to enhance the product’s work Indigenous communities In our country, to promote respect for the environment, culture and traditions, the Chamber of Commerce of the Indigenous Peoples of Peru (CCPIP) in alliance with Sernanp, the British Embassy in Lima, Grupo AJE, AIDER, the GFC Task Force and the Coalition for Sustainable Production and the Private Sector launched for the first time ” Indigenous Entrepreneurship Month – MEI 2023″, which will be held from the 2nd to the 4th of November.

This initiative aims to promote a space for trade exchange of tangible and intangible goods and services coming from Indigenous peoples and territories that operate sustainably and in harmony with their environmental systems.

“During these three days we will witness the productive work of indigenous communities who manage natural, social and environmental resources responsibly. In addition, we will forge local projects with potential trade allies and facilitate the trade exchange of local goods and services with local and international buyers,” explained Shuar Velasquez, President ccpip.

At the “MEI 2023” launch party, the British Ambassador in Lima, Gavin Cook; sernanp chief, Jose Carlos Neto Navarrete; Jorge López-Durega, Global Director of Communications and Sustainability for AJE Group; Jaime Nalvarte, Executive Director of AIDER; Indigenous entrepreneurs and other partners and allies at the event.

In this regard, chief CernanabJosé Carlos Neto Navarrete argued that protected natural areas are intended for people and are preserved thanks to them. “We want to support the development of communities without losing them identity or culture. We have worked with many organizations through the brand ‘Allied for Conservation’ and economic incentives such as ‘Entrepreneurs by Nature’. We reaffirm our commitment to continue moving forward together.”.

Indigenous Entrepreneurship Month is coming soon

In turn, the UK Ambassador to Peru, Gavin CookHe noted that “indigenous peoples and their corporations vital business It is an essential way to reduce deforestation in Peru and benefit from the wealth of its forests. It leads us to integrate and expand efforts in bioeconomics, green finance, and sustainable production. the British Embassy It has a commitment to sustainability and indigenous people, and we put it at the center of our priorities and projects – for example, we work with the Indigenous Chamber of Commerce and AIDER to promote the management of forest products. It is an honor to work with so many allied organizations and institutions to promote Indigenous Entrepreneurship Month.”

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For his part, Jorge López-Durega, Global Director of Communications and Sustainability at Grupo AJE, highlighted the importance of continuing to promote Vital businesses and local businesses Through these joint actions, because it is the best way to enhance the economic and ecological potential of our forests, without harming ecosystems.

It should be noted that “Indigenous Entrepreneurship Month 2023″ It will include three main activities: an aguaje climber competition, a business conference, and an exhibition to showcase and sell products and services.

Bacchae Samaria in Peru. Photo: Andes

The Aguaje Climber competition will take place in the community of 20 de Enero, located in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve (loreto). Through this activity, good practices for the preservation of aguajales will be disseminated, in order to harvest their fruits without having to cut down this precious natural resource.

For its part, the Business Roundtable, which will be held on November 2 at Kennedy Park at MirafloresIt will be in the presence of producers and buyers of various lines of local projects such as bio-business, injections and oils, fish and meat, eco-tourism, jewelry and others.

In the same place, on November 3 and 4, an exhibition will be held where original companies They will be able to offer the public their best products and services, which include handicrafts and jewelry, Amazonian fruits, injections, ecotourism services, fish and meat, and much more.

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