Meghan Markle and Harry spent more than they helped found them in 2020

According to American documents, Markle She and her husband managed to raise less than $50,000 for charity in 2020, and they are now known to have spent more in Great Britain on legal services, $55,600. It was also revealed how much money the British NGO had when it closed.

Presentations from the UK Chamber of Companies echoed that the now-defunct charity had more than $380,000 in its accounts, in 2020, but that money has not been transferred to the sister organisation, Archewell, which Meghan and Harry began to lead.

The Dukes of Sussex Still launched their new altruistic instrument by incorporating it in Delaware on April 17, 2020, after they applied to register the name, an apparent homage to their first born in March nearly two years ago, just two months after a decision was made. They wanted to seek their financial independence.

Before finally ending its incorporation in Great Britain, they changed the name to the MWX Foundation, which is not without controversy, now that it has been revealed that legal fees involved $35,000 to sign up. Harbottle and Louis and 20600 for another unspecified message.

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