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After considering user feedback, Google Docs finally incorporates in its trial version a simple feature that many office workers and casual users desire: a digital signature. The delay has been explained by the complex structure necessary to ensure the security of those who attach their signatures using the online platform.

The pandemic has shown that we can do everything from a group Google. If you don’t have Microsoft Word, which belongs to the Microsoft 365 package programs, then you certainly chose it Google documents Since it works almost the same way though with fewer tools. You can write texts, edit them, configure the page … They get out of the way, but none of the company’s developers have thought about entering signatures yet.

We know you don’t need a tool like this to be able to sign a document. The easiest (and basic) solution was to scan your signature as if it were an image and insert it into the body of the text. Nothing special, but the ending wasn’t the best.

This is how an electronic signature appears in Google Docs

Google Docs will manage user signatures

Beta users Google documents They are testing electronic signature and the way is very simple. In the future, when the tool will be available to everyone, you will have to open a document in Google documents And go to tools. There you will find a new option called Digital signature (e-signature). There are many options like signature, initials, name and date of signature.

In addition to entering your signature, you can request other users’ signatures according to the needs of the text. You will not need to have a Gmail email to sign received documents. Upon signature, the system adds the date of signature and verifies the participation of the signatories.

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As of now, there is no release date for this new feature on Google document. Google I mentioned that not all Worspace users have access to the new tool. Individual subscribers will only be able to access the open beta within two weeks. Instead, paying Workspace Business or Enterprise subscribers will have access to the new feature if requested by administrators.

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