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“I salute and celebrate this initiative, because it is as much as we put it the students In the Our business centerWe will do the job assigned to us Train professionals who will transform our society“, He said dean Colima UniversityChristian Jorge Torres Ortiz Zermino, Presiding over the opening the first. National Meeting of Research Basins in Physical Culture, Sports and Recreation, Organized by College of Education Sciences From this House of Studies.

Made by platform Zoom in, The meeting was decided by University’s president As a clear sample from Corporate interest by cooperation e Academic exchange else Universities And an important effort to Promote scientific advocacy In these academic societies. As a member of University community It is acceptable to testify that despite the adverse conditions before Health emergenciesThe academics at the institution gave continuity Student trainingAnd utilization of technological means is a fundamental issue in Integrated development of the human being“.

Christian Torres Ortiz Acknowledge determination and perseverance Academic bodies of the College of Education Sciences (The place of this meeting), who was able to meet with scholars from 9 universities in the country to view Investigation work It was developed with your students; “This allows for formation Academic communities To make the most of their capabilities and to advance in the analysis and publication of research projects that will generate new knowledge. “

Finally confirmed that the current event “Sow a seed in each of the studentsWhich will positively affect me sport And the Physical culture As requirements a Integrated formation And the welfare of society in general. “

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Another time, manager College of Education SciencesAnd the Rossana Medina Valencia, In detail that this the first. Meeting basins research in physical culture It has been called before Academic bodies UCOL 85, 96 and 101 From the university campus, and by Network of academic bodies in the field of physical culture, sports and entertainmentI managed to collect more than 70 Research professors Full time, it houses 15 different people Academic bodies From 9 national universities.

He commented that the meeting arises from the need to Identify phenomena and problems That is produced in this area of ​​knowledge and disseminated in the same way Research projects Of students collaborating with their teachers ”and projects Academics from a national perspective That allow interaction between Academic bodies From the entire relevant national territory Physical culture, The sport And the Recreational, Because of Physical cultureSports and recreation have a huge impact on humans. “

The institutions that join this network, he said, are the Autonomous Universities of Colima in Nuevo León, Guadalajara and Veracruzana, and the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez in Ciudad del Carmen, in Campeche; Sonora, Autonomous State of Mexico and Juarez, State of Durango; Together we maintain the dialogue through different approaches such as educationalEducation through movement, social and personality, Myself, Management, training for sport, The critical constructivist movement and socialization, Among other things. “

Finally, he has mentioned it since Network of academic bodies in the area of ​​physical culture Convinced that Physical cultureSports and Recreation are inclusive and “working in a network.” We’ll keep moving forward“.

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Finally, director Organization of the College of Sports of the Autonomous University of Nuevo LeónTristán Rodríguez, José Leandro, who spoke on behalf of Network of academic bodies in the field of physical culture, sports and entertainmentExpress our big congratulations to UdeC College of Science “For the successful response that Academic bodies In the invitation to this meeting. “

“The Vision 2030 To the university I represent gives weight to participation Academic bodies, Because these are reflective Achievements of the teacher Levels in their qualifications in addition to being proof of Joint work With peers National s Foreigner“.

He further stated that these Academic bodies “They represent prof Latent opportunity to formation HR And create more and better Research projects, Thus increasing Quality of scientific production By implication. This first The meeting of research foci It starts with great momentum, and its fruits will be reflected in a short time, when this effort turns into responses to the various problems of society in our fields of knowledge. “

He used the space to learn about the intense collaborative work he was doing Colima Universities And the Enjoying autonomy in Nuevo León In its educational programs; “I want to place a parenthesis and express my sincere thanks to stave. Rossana Valencia For your participation in books and articles, Thesis consultingBeing part of National and International Advisory Board And his cooperation in the conferences of the faculty members. “

Likewise, admit to a job Academics from the College of Education SciencesBecause these types of initiatives allow us to continue to address, he said Annoying That infect Physical culture, sports and leisure; As the principal of a school that is part of Mexican Association of Higher Institutions in Physical Culture, I highlight the importance of Collaborative work And the need to Join the forces Among all the organizations and institutions that seek to obtain good comprehensive education, innovation and application of knowledge that transcends the transformation of society. “

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The event was also attended by the General Director of Faculty Development, Martha Eugenia Chavez Gonzalez; Director General of Higher Education, Susanna Aurelia Preciado Jimenez; And General Director of Postgraduate Studies, Ariana Sanchez Espinosa.

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