A Pokémon player managed to find the brightest Sentret after more than 7 years of searching – Nintenderos

Hunting Pokemon Bright For many years it has been a challenge to the most avid gamer in the saga, given its great advantage reduced Incidence, approx 0,002%.

Therefore, it is common to see how different users share their exploits and fill social networks with passion after finding their Pokemon. Bright Favorite, as with Youtube CandyEvie, Who found a few days ago a file Shiny sennert In the editions Red fire and green leaf; The goal you were trying to reach For more than 7 years, Where 2013.

This search started when I was 15 years, Despite taking over a dozen Pokemon after more than a year Bright Without any of these being Sentret, his favorite, he threw the towel. However, he returned to the adventure after seeing Pokemon events Celebrate them all over the world, this time broadcasting their tour live.

This is why we can see his reaction when finding, after a long time, a Center Bright I wanted very much. We leave you the video below:

what do you think? Have you already got a Bright Preferred? Leave your opinion in the comments!


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