They highlight the government’s commitment to the consolidation of peace in Honduras

Rina explained, during a meeting with donor officials from the United Nations Peace Consolidation Fund to review the portfolio of projects implemented in the country, the challenges facing the executive branch to enhance that social status.

In this sense, the head of Honduran diplomacy referred to human rights, the rule of law, transparency, anti-corruption, conflict prevention and reconciliation after 12 years of dictatorships.

For her part, the UN Coordinator in Honduras, Alice Shackelford, referred to the total portfolio under implementation and said it was nine million, 931 thousand and 520.76 dollars distributed over nine projects.

Shackleford announced that they are in the process of signing two more projects to reduce conflicts in Garífuna communities in this Central American country.

Peacebuilding Support Office Finance Chief, Brian Williams, highlighted the importance of the fund in Honduras, considering three strategic areas: dialogue and conflict prevention; citizen participation; Access to justice and human rights.

He stressed that “consolidating peace and making progress on necessary reforms in the country is a priority, as is the agenda of combating corruption and impunity.”


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