Duolingo Max is the new subscription with GPT-4 for learning languages ​​by speaking AI

OpenAI introduced its new version of AI, GPT-4, which now has the ability to interact not only with text, but also with images, and now Duolingo, the language learning platform, has revealed that this latest generation of AI It will integrate into your system.

According to the post on his official blogthis feature will be Exclusive to your new subscription planDuolingo Max, which will allow you to take advantage of GPT-4 to do the learning on the platform.more powerful“.

The new payment level will be higher than “Super”, With all the advantages of this plansuch as unlimited people, custom practices, and ad removal, but it integrates two new features: explain my answer and role play.

What’s new in Duolingo with GPT-4

“Explain my answer” means that when a user makes a mistake while answering and is not sure of the correct answer, or keeps making the same mistake over and over again without knowing the exact reason, now the platform Give a detailed justification through a lesson.

This functionality will be available regardless of whether the user has answered correctly or incorrectly, and by clicking on a button after certain types of exercises will allow students to enter into a conversation with Duo (the platform mascot) and Get a simple explanation About the result obtained, although more examples or additional explanations can also be requested.

“Role playing” on the other hand, allows you to practice Real-world conversation skills In the application with the different personalities on the platform and in specific scenarios for each one, such as future vacations, ordering coffee, buying furniture or going on a trip.

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According to Duolingo, even though it looks like you’re talking to a live human, the AI ​​is interactive enough You don’t have two equal conversations. Additionally, after the interaction, students receive AI-powered feedback on the accuracy and complexity of their answers and tips for future conversations.

For now, Duolingo will only be available to existing users Learn Spanish or French from English on iOS devices, though it’s expected to roll out in more courses and hit Android and web platforms in the coming months.

Long way to GPT-4 in Duolingo

The platform also reveals that AI-generated content is constantly being evaluated for lessons.”Fun and effective‘, where they make sure that the initial message, talking about vacations or directions, for example, is in line with the student’s position on the course, indicating on the form where to lead the conversation, and checking that the answers My topic is correct And they are in the right tone.

Duolingo also believes that AI can make mistakes despite having “closely worked” with OpenAI for months to test and train the technology, so if users find any flaws, Inaccuracy can be reportedwhere the reason for the report must be detailed.

Also, just like how it works in ChatGPT, Duolingo will be subject to evaluation With the hand raised (👍) or handed down (👎) for the “Explain My Answer” function after you answer.

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