They deny that the president authorized the illegal vaccination in Peru – Prinsa Latina

A statement rejects Astetti’s statement before a parliamentary committee, meaning that last January he informed Sagasti and then Minister of Health Pilar Mazzetti of his intention to accept the offer of researchers who were testing the Chinese vaccine project at the time, Sinopharma, to inoculate the antidote.

“My acceptance of the offer was with the approval of the president,” Astete said, who told lawmakers that he had consulted with the president before they were vaccinated, according to press and parliamentary copies.

The document states that “it is wrong that the President of the Republic, Francisco Sagasti, authorized or approved the irregular vaccination of the former minister.”

The denial indicates that on February 14, after the outbreak of the irregular vaccination scandal, Astete informed the president that he had been vaccinated infrequently and resigned.

He also indicates that Sagasti was not aware of the existence of the additional batch of Sinopharm vaccines used in the controversial vaccination.

The official statement rejects “any attempt to deceive public opinion” with the rejected version and indicated that it “does not agree with the truth and seeks only to distort” the president’s work.

Astete, the professional ambassador, is being investigated by the Public Prosecution Office, like Mazzetti and former President Martín Vizcarra, for alleged concussions and inconsistent negotiation or improper use of position, to the detriment of the state.

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