They denounce the damages of the American blockade of the Venezuelan people

The negative impact of the United States’ coercive and unilateral measures on the Venezuelan people has been the news week that ends today.

Several days after an official visit to the country, the United Nations Special Rapporteur, Alina Dohan, confirmed that the economic suffocation policies have exacerbated the scene of the crisis and internal tensions, with a direct impact on health, immigration, separation from the family and all aspects of social life.

At a press conference in Caracas, the independent expert in the United Nations urged Washington to reconsider canceling all sanctions adopted against the Venezuelan public sector and to refrain from imposing a blockade on this South American country.

Dohan emphasized that the punitive measures implemented by the United States slowed the development of Venezuela due to the severe impact on its economy, by causing foreign exchange earnings to drop by 99 percent in recent years.

In parallel with the official’s visit, representatives of the Latin American Foundation for Human Rights and Social Development (Fundalatin) and the Venezuelan Civil Society (Sures), last Thursday, to the National Assembly, revealed the negative impact of the blockade.

Pascualina Corsio, a consultant to the Fundalatin Foundation, said that more than $ 194 billion has stopped receiving the country after the sanctions that had the support of the previous National Assembly.

For her part, Lucrezia Hernandez, Director of the Sorris Company, indicated that these sanctions violated the basic rights of Venezuelans, at the same time calling for the imposition of civil, criminal and administrative responsibilities on officials.

Meanwhile, President Nicolas Maduro stressed the day before the United Nations expert recognized the impact of the economic strangulation that the White House and its allies had in the country.

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The head of state stressed that “the UN rapporteur called on the United States and the European Union to review and lift the sanctions imposed on Venezuela, because they have exacerbated a huge humanitarian crisis against the people.”

Maduro noted that the Bolivarian government has issued repeated complaints about the severe impact on social, cultural, educational and economic life resulting from the systematic adoption of the blockade policy.

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