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Chivas vs. Necaxa lives online and faces live on Saturday, February 13th, under Day 6 of the Liga MX. The clash between the two will help them get out of the uncomfortable situation in which they are in order. In order not to miss any event of this meltdown, we leave you with predictions, how and where to see it from the United States.

Chivas He scores a good streak, as he has only lost one of his last 13 games in the Liga MX: six wins and six draws. Meanwhile, Necaxa isn’t having a good moment as they have only had one win in their last six matches. Therefore, beating Chivas will help him climb the leaderboard.

What time does Chivas play against Necaxa in the United States?

daySaturday, February 13th
time: 20:00 hs (ET) / 17:00 hs (PT) / 19:00 hs (México)
Place: Chivas Stadium

Where to see Chivas vs Necaxa in the United States

If you’re in the US, you can enjoy Chivas vs Necaxa directly with reference: Telemundo Deportes and Telemundo. On the other hand, if you are in Mexico, you can follow the broadcast by live signal: SKY HD and in Bolavip, where you will find minute by minute and all the match details.

Chivas and Nikaxa match history

When we review the history of the confrontations between Chivas vs. Necaxa We found that they saw each other 43 times, and the winners were from Guadalajara in 19 matches and only 11 celebrations were Necaxa. This Saturday, will Chivas fatherhood continue or will history change?

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Chivas vs Necaxa Time by country

Spain: 05:00
Argentina 10:00 pm
Chile 10:00 pm
Uruguay: 10:00 pm
Paraguay: 10:00 pm
Brazil: 22:00
Venezuela: 9:00 pm
Bolivia: 9:00 pm.
Colombia 8:00 pm
Ecuador 8:00 pm
Peru 8:00 pm

Predictions and predictions of the confrontation between Chivas and Nikaxa

Chivas and Nikaxa They will star in a cool game in the fold of the sacred flock. While both clubs live, it is believed that neither of them has a margin of error if they want out of the uncomfortable situation they are in. According to stakes Vandel, Chivas has -130 winning odds, drawn +250, while Querétaro celebrates +320.

Chivas -130
Necktie +250
Nykaxa +320

* Graphics provided by FanDuel.

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