The UK government is planning a G7 meeting that will focus on tactics in China

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to host a hypothetical meeting of G7 leaders on February 19 to form a united front in the war against the Coronavirus and begin to formulate a joint strategy on China.

There was an initial discussion among diplomats who laid the groundwork for how to address China and what words should be used in the closing statement of the June summit, according to a diplomatic note reviewed by Bloomberg.

During the so-called “Sherpa Gathering” last week, the delegate of the United States described the need to act firmly and resolute in the face of Beijing, while Canada stressed the importance of not leaving vaccination of the poorest countries in the hands of China. The telegram said Russia.

The UK is also proposing a 10-point recovery plan, a statement on pandemic preparedness and a statement to promote open societies, democratic values ​​and human rights that will be signed by the group and this year’s three guests, Australia and Korea. India.

Johnson invited all three countries to the forum this year as he tries to create the so-called D-10 Democratic Alliance to counter China. This has led to tensions, as some fear an illegal expansion of the road, while others fear it could become a front against China.

The UK plans to personally host the leaders in Cornwall, along the southwest coast of England. He is taking charge at a precise time, trying to rebuild confidence in the multilateral institutions that the Trump administration has undermined, and at the same time trying to forge his way after Brexit.

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