They cut down the famous Robin Hood tree and take a teenager prisoner

September 29, 2023 – 09:53

The sycamore tree grew about 300 years ago next to Hadrian's Wall, which was built by the Romans in northern England.

one of The most famous trees in the United Kingdom It dawned This fell on Thursday in Sabotage He was investigated by the British police. he Sycamore maplelocated next to Hadrian's Wallin england, Popularly known as “Robin Hood Tree“For his appearance in the 1991 film, he is one of Most photographed in Europe.

he tree It is part of a group considered National heritage in the United Kingdom He was “I cut it intentionally“, they claim Northumberland National Park officials. next to, It won England's Tree of the Year 2016The following year, he ranked fifth in the… European Tree Awards.

Cutting down the Robin Hood tree.jpeg

A teenager has been arrested

the responsible Follower Northumberland National Park He claimed that the sycamore, popularly known as the Robin Hood Tree, was ““He was deliberately shot during the night.”.

according to First police investigationa 16 year old teenager He was He was arrested on suspicion For committing the crime of damaging property.

The felled tree.jpeg

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