At UDLA, astronomer and National Science Laureate Maria Teresa Ruiz rejects stereotypes of girls' scientific training: 'They are worthless'

Astronomer and National Science Award winner Maria Teresa Ruiz has been invited by the UDLA College of Education to address the challenges the community faces in training new generations of scientists.

The researcher who confirmed that the family, along with teachers, has an essential role in accompanying and motivating, called on women to “Let them try, and not only in astronomy, A region where we have the best laboratories in the world, But also in other fields that are at a good level in Chile: oceanography, geology, geophysics…”

“Science requires it…the world needs more science and more women to teach.” The academic from the University of Chile, who holds a doctorate in astrophysics from Princeton University, said during the activity, which is part of A cycle of commemorative activities carried out by UDLA in the framework of International Women's Day.

Maria Jesus Onorato, The Dean of the Faculty of Education at UDLA, who was accompanied in the conversation by Pia Espinoza, Director of the Gender Directorate, expressed his appreciation for Dr. Ruiz's career and her contribution as an authority on gender in Chilean science.. “Maria Teresa Ruiz has had a remarkable career, which has allowed her to contribute to science and astronomy with fundamental discoveries, not only for Chile, but for the whole world,” the authority said.

Honorato stressed that in the field of education, Having role models is essential to creating strategies that allow girls to engage with scientific fields such as astronomybreaking the trend shown by standardized measurements at national institutions: lower motivation among females for careers in so-called STEM fields (abbreviations in English for STEM careers).

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