They asserted that the variants of Manaus and the United Kingdom spread as a community in San Luis – Telam

In San Luis, 46.7% of samples were classified as a Manaus variant.

The health authorities in San Luis confirmed that they have monitored the spread of the variable British virus in the province, which affects people between the ages of 20 and 59 years, while the presence of the Manaus strain, which was identified a week ago, continues.

At a press conference where the latest local epidemiological report was presented, Head of Department of Epidemiology, Cristella Aguilera, He recalled it under Argentine Coronavirus Geospatial Surveillance Project From random samples that were taken from different places in the governorate the previous week, it was found that “46.7% of samples were classified as Manaus variant and 10% conformed to UK variant.

In this sense, he indicated that “More than 50% of the variables that are traded correspond to those that have greater transmissibility, greater ability to infect, and ability to re-infect. “ Feature Manaus dynasty.

Doctor Aguilera indicated that the case The province’s health is experiencing critical and tense moments, With more than one 90% of occupancy in intensive care beds and 95% hospitalization for moderate patients. “

In addition, he noted that the circulation of these variants of disease generates a greater likelihood of hospitalization and specified that the UK “affects people between the ages of 20 to 59 with an increase in hospitalizations”.

Aguilera points out There are 6,985 active cases of coronavirus in follow-up and 506 people have died since the start of the epidemic.

“Today, a 31-year-old man died,” the official said.

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The professional emphasized that San Luis County is at risk in the time of doubling of cases, as well as in the accumulated day and in the rate of growth, which are parameters that define risk areas.

New restrictive measures have been included for those in force.

New restrictive measures have been included for those in force.

Current restrictions

Health Minister Silvia Sousa AraujoNote that no new restrictive measures have been taken on those in effect since last Friday, when it was decided Class attendance is optional.

According to those provisions, In San Luis you can’t walk around Streets 20 to 6, While The gastronomic and commercial activity is authorized between 6 and 19, And continues Indoor suspension of activities of any kind.

The Permit for family gatherings for a number not exceeding 10 individuals.

The minister called on the people to “show solidarity” and said, “Still the most important policy is extensive testing while looking for the asymptomatic patient as well as the positivityWhich must be isolated with its environment, and it is the only way to cut the chain of infection and reduce the spread of the virus. ”

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