La Jornada – IPN presents its Corporate Development Program 2019-2024

Mexico City. The Director General of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), Arturo Reyes Sandoval, introduced the Institutional Development Program (PDI) 2019-2024, which is an updated strategic tool to guide and direct the work of the institution in all its substantive functions. , In order to establish it as a benchmark of academic excellence, cutting-edge science, advanced technology, and innovation with social impact.

When presenting the document within the framework of the Fifth Ordinary Session of the 39th IPN Public Advisory Council, he commented, “It is time to consolidate our achievements, take advantage of the opportunities that are emerging and generate new opportunities, to promote projection of the institute in a global environment. This new version of the PDI, which is In it, the participation of the polytechnic community is integrated, representing a path supported by the strengths of the Polytechnic, committed to developing its great potential. “

PDI takes into account emerging elements of global realities, such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the implications of integrating the IPN in the context of digital communication technologies, which will be fundamental to leading the Polytechnic to new educational paradigms.

This document incorporates the provisions of the National Development Plan, sectoral education and special programs for science, technology and innovation, in addition to the provisions of the new higher education law and the draft initial initiative for the general human sciences, science, technology and innovation law. Innovation said the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACET).

PDI 2019-2024 integrates four lines of action: developing quality enrollment at upper, secondary and postgraduate levels; Application of science and technology to solve national problems; He explained that the link to society and the productive sector and the internationalization of IPN.

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“As part of the efforts exerted to strengthen the polytechnic in the international arena, more measures will be integrated that will be added to global initiatives on sustainability, as represented by the sustainable development plan 2020-2030,” he said.

The PDI Update 2019-2024 included five core themes and three transversal themes, which will be developed through 32 projects and 141 actions. The full text will be available for consultation at: coplaneval /

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