They are vaccinated in the medical school against Covid-19 disease

Monterey /

Because Today is the last day So that the population Monterey between 40 and 59 years old go to the take the vaccine against him COVID-19, The medical school from UANL Set a rhythm for pollination that takes only 10 minutes.

Songs like Ni tu Ni Nadie, El Sapito, Pepo Baila like that, Hey Pablo, and Safaera set the mood for Monterrey folks lining up to enter the college hall, where doctors showed Vacuna Sinovac Then apply it.

Some people cover their eyes with a mask for fear that the needle will enter their left or right arm.

A few weeks ago, the line for vaccination Its number exceeds 10,000 on the streets of Dr. Aguirre, as they turned left towards Dr. Carlos Canseco and returned to the same point on Avenida Gonzaletos.

The Federal Authority stated, Friday, through a statement, that vaccination in the municipality of Monterey It will resume from June 12 to 14 in the last name for people aged 40 to 59, pregnant women and the late elderly group.

In turn, in the unit located on the Explanada de los Héroes, in the center of Monterrey, a line about one and a half kilometers long was formed.

On-site, Pfizer’s vaccine is being applied, while retailers of umbrellas, waffles, fried foods, soft drinks, and fresh water continue to sell their products.

Unlike medical school, the average access point vaccination In the above module, the duration ranges from 55 to 120 minutes.

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