They are demanding commitments from the government towards the people of the Panamanian province

After the protest began with a convoy of buses in the early hours of the morning, participants in the downtime encountered police units that forced them to leave focus.

Reducing high fuel prices and thus the basic basket, and the construction of the Manuel Amador Guerrero Hospital and Transfer Station, were part of the colonies’ demands.

In this sense, one of the leaders of civil society, Diogenis Galvan, commented to the TVN news channel that the protest is real and they will demand that President Laurentino Cortizo fulfill what he promised in November 2021, including to resolve the high unemployment.

The response of the national government, as you can see, was repression, as specified by the representative of the Coalition for the Unity of Kowloon (CUCO).

Galvan added that on a tour of projects the executive committed to last November, they discovered they were barely moving the ground. He noted that it is up to the government to resolve this complex panorama.

CUCO members also requested that all organizations in the country come to an agreement with a National Front for the Rising Cost of Living.

The lobbying action – which was preceded by a similar one in western Panama – was supported by transportation groups, teachers, university students, the unemployed, union and community leaders, as well as other platforms of struggle in the Caribbean.

The organizations expressed their dissatisfaction with the non-compliance with what was promised by the government and the high cost of living due to the increasing boom in diesel and gasoline prices.

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Edgardo Voitier, on behalf of the Broad Front Colonnes, also condemned what he called a “wave of lies” from the executive and demanded answers.

Already in November last year, he said, Cortizo was forced to speak with members of CUCO and other social organizations, who locked down the city and staged a strike for several days.

In those protests, which were also suppressed by the security forces, Voitier explained to the media that among his demands were better conditions in education, health and employment.

Colon County contributes so much income to the GDP of the isthmus state that in addition to operations on the Atlantic slope of the Interocean Channel, it has three ports, the second largest free trade area in the world and the largest copper mine pit opened in Central America, according to economists.

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