They affirm unity at the Communist Congress of Uruguay

MONTEVIDEO, May 28 (Prensa Latina) The President of the Broad Front of Uruguay, Fernando Pereira, emphasized the unity of the progressive forces, speaking at the Congress of the Communist Party, which today entered its second day of deliberations.

He said that unity in the Left Alliance “makes us strong and indomitable” and will continue to be maintained while building proposals as an opposing force.

Pereira noted that the “best five years of our lives” promised by the ruling right-wing coalition, meant cutting pensions and social benefits for the country’s “most corrupt” sectors.

He noted that in 2004, when the Amplio Front party, Tabaré Vázquez, took over the country’s presidency, there was 40 percent poverty, and emphasized that the Ministry of Social Development was reduced and created, which was severely punished by the opposition at the time and is now used in power .

At the opening session, PCU Secretary-General Juan Castillo highlighted the 800,000 signatures collected during the pandemic for the referendum on the 135 articles of the Urgent Consideration Act and “if we can’t repeal it, if we can assemble the forces.”

Castillo believed that for the party he leads there is no way to run capitalism, the alternative is socialism which is communism.

He added that this is possible with unity, seriousness and diversity, not with “easy” speeches, and we must fight all forms of dogmatism.

He also noted that within the PCU “mistakes are not hidden and admitted”, and in the final part of the rhetoric he called for the restoration of the government and the Uruguayan communists “will not disappoint the hopes placed on us”.

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This conference was scheduled for 2020, when the party celebrated its 100th anniversary, but due to the pandemic, it had to be postponed.

Once it gets to work, it weighs what happened from last time in 2017 to the present, selects its governing bodies, and project itself in the struggle forward.

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