These three wireless headphones are great for under €100

It’s time to be able to stream your favorite music anywhere with good wireless headphones

The Ear That Nothing (A) is in its charging case.

We have prepared a small collection for those who want to enjoy music anywhere and without spending a lot. You have here 3 good wireless headphones you can buy now for less than 100 euros. They’re all on Amazon, so you’ll also enjoy free shipping if you’re a Prime user.

You don’t have to worry about compatibility, as our heroes will easily connect to any of your devices. Bluetooth technology will ensure that the connection is stable and quality at all times. We tell you why these little ones A good buy for less than 100 euros.

Sony WF-C700N

Sony WF-C700N

We’ve said that on more than one occasion, Sony as well An expert in the world of audio. We can’t miss one model that I’ve been mentioning a lot lately, which is… WF-C700N. They are at your fingertips For only 89 euros on AmazonIt is not their fault.

the Sound quality It’s amazing what these WF-C700N headphones offer for under €100, it’s one of the best you’ll find. Its sound profile is very balanced and clear, with bass making an appearance. In addition, they also have Noise cancellationWhat more could you ask for?

Nothing ear

Sony WF-None Ear (A)

The headphones, which we had the opportunity to test just a few weeks ago, are nothing to say about. They surprised us from the first moment. Not only because of the stunning design (it’s available with a cool yellow differential) but because of its great value for money.

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These little ones offer a Sound quality Which puts many competitors on the ropes, with Noise cancellation Which will completely isolate you from the outside. But this is not the best. The greatest benefit of this Nothing A ear lies in its comfort. It’s incredibly comfortable.

Google Pixel Buds A Series

Google Pixel Buds A Series

To finish off our little collection, I chose one of the most unique models on the block, and some smaller models I have at home. It was created by Google itself and is different from the rest. Its design is beautiful and originalwith simple lines that are already a hallmark of the Californian brand.

for him Integration with Google Assistant They will be marked before and after, all you have to do is touch them to summon one of the best assistants on the scene. Moreover, it could not be otherwise, they sound very good and will allow you to enjoy your favorite artists without problems.

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