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Mark Zuckerberg's team has just published the first update of 2024 on Google Play and the App Store. WhatsApp Messenger The stable (official) release, which brought with it a total of four new tools that we will mention below.

Before starting, it is important to clarify this The mentioned functions have already been tested in the WhatsApp beta programthe unstable release where users use the new options before they get to the official app.

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In this January update Priority was given to improving the channelsone-way communication conversations where admins will now have more interaction with their thousands or millions of followers thanks to the latest tools.

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These are the new WhatsApp options

  • Voice notes: You'll now be able to record and send voice notes across your channels, so your followers know it's really you and not someone else running the chat.
  • Appointment of officials: Now you have the option to give the admin role of your channel to a total of 15 contacts, so they can upload high-quality content and you will entertain all your followers daily. Enter the channel > click on its name > click on “Invite officials“.
  • Surveys– This important feature came to Channels so you can quickly collect your followers' opinions or preferences. Tap the Paperclip icon > Polls.
  • Share the status – Uploading channel content as a status update has a new look to help viewers understand that it is a channel update.
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