These are the symptoms of Omicron, the new alternative to South Africa

Covid-19 cases related to The new omicron variant discovered so far in South Africa It was ‘mild’, although the number of infections that have been identified is still low To draw conclusions and the situation may change in the coming weeks, according to experts from South Africa.

“The Symptoms are mild (…]In a couple of weeks we could have a different picture, But now that is the case,” South African doctor Angelique Coetzee, president of the South African Medical Association (SAMA), told local television network Inka on Sunday.

In this doctor’s opinion, and in view of what the doctors have observed, The situation at the moment does not justify “panic”. I was born. But other experts from the country confirmed it It’s too early to draw conclusions given the small number of the cases identified. The Symptoms described by this doctor They are mild and disappear between two and five days. Patients in whom this new mutation was detected were presented asfatigue, headache, itchy throat”, According to the Italian newspaper, La Repubblica. The expert said all the patients were “in very good condition and none of them had any noteworthy problems” and also noted that the relief of symptoms was too great for the patients. They were vaccinated as they were not vaccinated.

“The feedback from doctors in the field is always important and We rely on them very much, “But we have to be careful with early reports that all cases of this type are mild,” the infectious disease specialist said. Richard Lessels, through social networks, following expectations generated by Coetzee.

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Lisles also stressed that Many cases are recorded in South Africa these days – In general, and not specifically those already identified with the omicron variant – they were among the young.

With this and with the temporary delay (necessary) In order for the infection to develop into severe illness and hospitalization, We can only see the impact on hospitalizations in the coming weeks,” this expert confirmed via Twitter.

many mutations

The discovery of this new type of coronavirus, identified as B.1.1.529 and christened with the Greek letter omicron after World Health Organization (WHO), It was announced by South African scientists and health authorities, Thursday, based on samples taken in mid-November.

At the time of advertising Infections have already been identified in Botswana and Hong Kong (China), But detections were added later in Israel, Belgium (the case of a traveler from Egypt with no apparent links to South Africa), Australia, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere.

The new variant – in which there are still very few confirmed cases in total – It is characterized by an unusually large number of mutations, whose effect has not yet been studied.

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The World Health Organization, by classifying Friday as a risk variable, recognized, Some of these new mutations seem to indicate greater capacity Transition from previous variants.

Although limited information is available (due to early detection), many countries, Including UK, USA and EU countries, Quickly announce strict travel restrictions for Southern African countries.

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