These are the new WhatsApp icons

the emoji It has become a means of communication and although we do not notice it, its use has become indispensable in our conversations and posts on social networks. His presence in our daily lives had such a big impact that a World emoji day July 17.

They are so widely used all over the world that the range of their variations has expanded over the years and become more comprehensive.

today in suffocation We tell you about its next update يقدم emoji in a The WhatsAppThey will surely charm you.

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New emojis on WhatsApp

Emojipedia has published new emojis to add to The WhatsApp, in version 14.0.2 of Emoji.

The launch date was July 17 this year; However, the final list will be approved on September 14, Emojipedia reported on its blog.

But that doesn’t stop you from meeting them, in fact Emojipedia has launched an invitation to fans emoji They will vote in the World Emoji Awards for the prize they expect to get on their keyboard The WhatsApp.

In the premiere, you’ll see a face melting, a face covering its face with one open eye, a saluting face in army style, a face with a dotted line and one holding back tears.

(Photo: Emojipedia)

Hands have also been added in different poses, waving or extending the salutation, palms up or down, finger biting, pointing and forming a heart, which you can find in different skin colors.

In the same way, you will have people with crowns with different shapes in hair and skin tone and pregnant men with different skin tones.

Also some others like elf, coral, lotus, bird’s nest, bean, glass that spills from the water, flask, slide, frame, float, disco ball, battery, crutch, x-ray, bubbles, identity, equal sign, mouth biting its lower lip .

Emojipedia explains that these may have changes before the final release and also that each platform will show them with a slightly changed appearance.

At the World Emoji Awards, the most anticipated turned out to be a molten face.

Fun facts about using emojis

Out of every 5 tweets, more than one emoji, as reported by Emojipedia, a fact that puts emoji use at its highest point in 2021.

the emoji The most popular of the 2020 extras is the flaming heart, followed by the spiral-eyed face and the teary-smiling face, according to an Emojipedia analysis.

emoji_awards.jpg (Photo: Emojipedia)

55% of Users worldwide emoji They’re more comfortable expressing their feelings with emojis than they are on phone conversations, according to Adobe’s 2021 Global Emoji Trends Report.

This report also indicates that 89% of users emoji You agree that these facilitate communication across language barriers.

And it is not only in the field of communication, but up to 42% of global users of emoji You’re more likely to buy an advertised product with them, according to Adobe.

the emoji It has come to transform the network and how we interact and move in it, and surely in the future its scope will grow even more, at the moment we are looking forward to face melt to use it in The WhatsApp.

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