Foreign affairs are part of Spain’s ‘institutional normality’ without an ambassador in London for 6 months

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The government formulated in “Institutional Normal, within International Diplomatic Uses”, the fact that since last February Spain has no ambassador in London and that this task has since fallen to the responsibility of the actions of the embassy, ​​an explanation that has bothered the PP.

Tourism Spokesperson from the People’s Group in Congress, Augustine AlmodobarI went to the government in June to hold it accountable for the “delay” in appointing the person called to replace him Carlos Bastaric, who retired on February 2.

In addition, he wanted the executive branch to clarify whether this temporary situation “has added vulnerability and has some effect on delaying the normalization of tourist flows and the rest of bilateral relations” between the two countries.

diplomatic reserve

In a reply dated July 23, when the new Minister for Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation had already been appointed, Jose Manuel AlbaresThe Executive Director reminds him that the Council of Ministers appoints ambassadors at the suggestion of the ministry “according to the criteria of competence and professional experience,” after “a process subject to the reservation of diplomatic courtesy.”

And after emphasizing that the appointment of a new ambassador “is not subject to administrative appointments”, he stressed that in periods of “temporary or temporary absence, the head of the mission is replaced by the head of the second headquarters as the head of the mission. Business”.

“This dynamic – government a lot – occurs regularly in a framework of full institutionalization within the framework of international diplomatic practices, so it does not have to affect issues that are part of the bilateral agenda.”

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Depends on

But the CEO’s response did not convince tourism spokesperson PP, based on the message he posted on his Twitter account. “Hello, there has been no Spanish ambassador to the UK since the beginning of the year, with the revitalization of the tourist between or with ‘Brexit’, but nothing has happened, for the government everything is so organized and controlled. What a shame!”, Almodovar complained.

Anyway, the government has already begun negotiations for the appointment of the diplomat Jose Pascual Marco, one of the main negotiators of the future relations agreement between Gibraltar and the European Union, succeeding Starici.

According to some media, the Cabinet requested the dismissal of Pascual Marco last Tuesday, so his appointment is only awaiting London’s approval.

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