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After evaluating more than 14,000 images, the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2024 have decided to select more than a dozen images. Winners in different categories Which brilliantly showcases the UK's wildlife, which is actually little known around the world. Metro brings you the best winning photos in this competition.

1.- Absolute winner

“The Lost Ocean”


This is a photo of a barnacle-covered soccer ball below the waterline. Above the water it is just a ball soccer. But below the waterline is a colony of creatures. / Ryan Stoker

2.- Animal behavior

“Three Frogs in an Amplex”

This winning photo shows two male common frogs competing to mate with a female in Perthshire ponds, Scotland. /Ian Mason

3.- Animal image

“Night Starling”

The stunning image of this starling was captured in the winning photographer's garden, who carefully balanced the flash with the ambient light to record the starling's path at the start of the exposure, while a short burst of flash freezes the bird in place. Mid-trip. . / Mark Williams

4.- Urban animals

“Day hiker”

The fox in this photo has settled in a substation electrical After being expelled from her patriarchal lands. The fenced area gave him a quiet place to rest away from the hustle and bustle of the city. /Simon Witheman

5.- Hidden Britain

“three crowd”

Blue butterflies are quite social insects, and can often be found close together, or even on the same grass or flower, as can be seen in this winning photo. / Ross Hoddinott.

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