The Netherlands bans flights to the United Kingdom and South America

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he is Dutch government On Wednesday, the caretaker announced that he will impose a night curfew and limit the number of visitors to the house for one person, in addition to temporarily banning flights between the Netherlands and. United kingdomSouth Africa and several South American countries due to concerns about the new strain.

Most of these measures will only come into effect with the support of the Dutch Congress, to which the executive hopes to provide explanations about the restrictions this afternoon, before confirming the implementation of the measures, which will further restrict the current total reservation, while only basic services remain open.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said at a press conference that to avoid a third wave, Parliament would be required to implement a curfew, which will take effect from Saturday or next Sunday, and until at least 9. February – will be in effect from 8.30pm until 4.30am, with a € 95 fine if the ban is violated at that time.

During the curfew, citizens may only go out with some exceptions, including for work reasons, provided that they have permission from the employer, and they walk their dogs, but only one person may do so, without the company of other members. from the family.

“We have to prepare again, we have to make sure that we fight this virus together,” Rutte stressed, to justify imposing additional restrictions in a country that finds itself with all non-essential activities and schools closed since mid-December.

Starting January 23, travelers from countries considered high risk for coronavirus must take a rapid test before entering the country, although they are still required to certify a negative PCR from the country of origin, before proceeding. To the plane.

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There will also be a mandatory ten-day quarantine for travelers, which until now was just a mere ‘Urgent recommendation’ Compliance has not been monitored, which is something the government and Congress have to agree on, which is why, until then, intercountry flights are banned outside the Schengen area, where the new strain is already out of control.

These countries include the United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Cape Verde, Chile and Colombia. EcuadorFrench Guiana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Health Minister Hugo de Jong promised to speed up the vaccination campaign, after the rest European UnionTherefore, half of the second doses that will be injected in the future will be stored, while the rest will be used to give the first vaccine to more citizens. The Republic.

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