The Grand National March supports the registration of Nicolas Maduro as a candidate for the presidential elections – Radio Rebelde

A massive national march took place through the main streets of Caracas with the participation of people coming from all regions of the country, accompanied by the maximum leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Nicolas Maduro Moros, to register his candidacy for the presidential elections on July 28, the country's media reported. mentioned.

“You did not nominate a man, you registered and nominated a historical project.”Maduro expressed his enthusiasm, saying that his candidacy is for the future of the Venezuelan people.

According to national media reports, in front of the President of the National Electoral Council, Elvis Amoruso, and the deans of the body, the application process was made official by Representative Diosdado Cabello, First Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), who submitted the application form to the Board of Directors, where he explained The reasons that support the proposal of that political party and other organizations and parties affiliated with the Grand National Pole.

While in the room where the electoral registration was officially carried out before the electoral authority, he witnessed moments of deep emotions and renewed commitments. On the outskirts of Plaza Diego Ibarra, in front of Torres del Silencio in Caracas, and all around Bolívar Street, people who came from all states mobilized to support Their candidate.

More than 5 million Venezuelans in popular assemblies had previously supported the nomination of Nicolas Maduro as their candidate in a process that was managed in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic and other laws of the country that stipulate that presidential elections should be held in Venezuela every six months. Years. Once again, Maduro remembers, with great happiness, Hugo Chavez, whom he considers himself a son.

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“Chavez became the people who said to me: Continue, Nicholas, continue, Nicholas, continue with the people, to complete the path of transformations. Carry out the mission of loyalty and protect the people,” said the Bolivarian leader, who swore allegiance to the supreme leader in whom he placed all his trust.

Later, Maduro stated that he was proud to be a humble leader, and expressed: “I was always clear that I had to trust you, ordinary men and women. In the city and in the most difficult moments, people said to me: 'Keep going, Nicholas.' In every complexity, people told me: 'Keep going, be strong, Nicholas.' It was a time when The pain we have been through serves as a school for growth and learning on the right path and in unity.

In this work clothed in democracy, Nicolás Maduro presented the Homeland Plan 2025-2031, which unites the goals set by Chávez and the Seven Transformations (7T) of his government, to advance the economic, political and social system.

“It is clear in the country that we only have a clear and broad country project, such as the 7T Homeland Plan.” He meant the current president, who asked to always work together for prosperity and love.

“This socialist candidacy is the living representation of the legacy bequeathed by Commander Hugo Chavez towards the national transformation of 2030, in compliance with the new plan for the homeland, renewed in the heat of the new historical era and in the interests of the country’s growth.” the people”The leader confirmed.

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The Head of State highlighted the elements of this government plan, which emerged from discussions that took place in popular assemblies throughout Venezuela, and stated that this initiative will contribute to the major transformation of the country and improve the quality of life of Venezuelans.

“In perfect union, between the five historic goals written by Commander Hugo Chavez and the seven transformations (7T) written and discussed by the people of Venezuela, this is my plan for the nation 2025-2031 and I swear that I will carry it forward and continue to work on it.” We will, God willing, with the will of God the Father, make Venezuela a prosperous, equal, prosperous and happy homeland. This is what I swear to my country!Finally, he declared the constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic. There are already 10 candidates from more than 35 political parties, social movements and organizations registered with the National Electoral Council for the July 28 elections.

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