These 10 different things can be bought with Bitcoin

This is the huge terrain created by cryptocurrencies where there are many companies and organizations that allow their items to be purchased. Electronic money. Here are some examples of products that can be purchased with cryptocurrency:


sites like Expedia Q Air Cheap Allow online payment for your travels with cryptocurrencies. Both gates refer to the terms and conditions of payment in cryptocurrencies so that there is no confusion

football players

In January of this year History is made صنع In Spanish football after the international Dukes team in Madrid signed David Barral in cryptocurrency, the first transfer in the history of the sport made using this payment method.

This may represent a new form of business in football, given that transfers in this sport are generally very expensive, reaching astronomical figures.

Team loyalty tokens

There are many football teams who have their own cryptocurrency and their fans can buy it as a way of loyalty with the club. Teams like Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain, Roma, Juventus, Atlético Madrid or Milan have this digital asset system.

Owning these codes gives the fans who own them benefits such as the ability to participate in certain club decisions or access to discounts and promotions.

Fast food

There are many fast food restaurants that accept cryptocurrency to eat in their restaurants. One of them for example Subway. There are many locals in the United States who accept payment in this currency.

Fast food


in the UK BMW It allows you to buy your cars with Bitcoins, despite going to a third party site.

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Until recently, Tesla also accepted Bitcoin payments for their cars, but recently Elon Musk announced that they stopped accepting this as a payment method.

college degrees

In 2014, King’s College in New York accepted Bitcoin as a payment method for tuition fees. From there, other schools started accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

But you don’t need to use your digital wallet to make the payment. Many students and their families invest in Bitcoin and then cash out when it is time to start paying. The downside to this is that Take the risk The value of cryptocurrencies decreases while the value of tuition fees increases.


Verisart has created a platform that makes it easier for artists to accept Bitcoin, so artists may be willing to configure it for their purchases. There is also a long list of art galleries In the US, they accept Bitcoin as payment for art.

go to the cinema

Movie Tickets is one of the largest merchants to adopt cryptocurrency as a payment method. You can buy tickets for about 900 cinemas from the United States. Through the site you can enter your zip code and view movies and cinemas available in your area. Cinemas that accept tickets purchased through movie tickets are those at Regal Cinemas, which have various locations in the United States.

Pay TV

Pay TV is expensive, especially if we want to rent packages from different channels.

Dish Network Corporation allows Since 2014 Pay for Pay TV with Bitcoin through the BitPay system.


American furniture companies such as fancy and stacked They allow paying for their furniture with cryptocurrency.

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In the first case, this company sells its items through people who share photos of their furniture on social networks, while the second only allows you to pay with Bitcoin if combined with the use of their gift cards.

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