Right seeks to scrutinize OAS ballot in Peru – Prensa Latina

Flores, a defeated ally of Keiko Fujimori, provoked the intervention of the Organization of American States (OAS) after Justice Louis Arce retired from the National Elections Arbitration Commission (JNE), even though the law prevents him from resigning during an electoral process. like the present.

Arce’s decision left the highest electoral court without a quorum to complete Fujimori’s requests to overturn the transcript, which was evacuated due to a lack of legal support and backed by resigning during jury hearings, and declaring the winner in the June 6 ballot. President, Pedro Castillo.

In a radio interview, Flores, the former leader of the right-wing Christian Popular Party (PPC) who joined the campaign against the official count that Castillo won, said the solution to the crisis was for Sagaste to ask the OAS for an audit.

Such an action in 2019 in Bolivia led to the Organization of American States issuing an ambiguous statement with hints of fraud, which served as the catalyst for right-wing action that forced President Evo Morales of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) to resign.

The possibility of fraud was ruled out by analyzes by US experts, and more than a year later, MAS candidate Luis Arce won the presidency by a larger margin that Morales had in 2019, recalls Castillo’s attorney, Julio Arbizu.

Flores asked the JNE to enter the Organization of American States, yesterday, in a hearing in which the court rejected the request to investigate the cases of the first 10 requests to cancel the minutes that Castillo won widely.

These rulings were declared unfounded by the jury and confirmed by the regional courts, which dismissed all of Fujimori’s claims, thus giving a signal that he would do the same with hundreds of other allegations that election experts consider to be without legal basis.

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Meanwhile, Judge Arce’s resignation drew heavy criticism even from conservative newspaper El Comercio, and attorney Julio Arbizu said it was “another piece of horrific chess” for Fujimori on a “light-hit” basis.

Several media outlets have indicated that Arce, the attorney general representing the JNE prosecution, is under investigation for possible illicit enrichment and as a potential member of a corrupt network of judges and prosecutors.


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