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For three days, the Cabañas Museum, declared the Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, was the ideal venue for the FICTEQ 2021 exhibition as well as the closing activities of the Tequila International Film Festival, whose fifth edition was a success.

“Sirena” starring Morganna Love was well received by the audience, who enjoyed a 100% original story which had amazing locations such as the municipality of Ayutla, in Jalisco.

The Occidental had the opportunity to speak with the actors of this feature film, Edgar Treviño and Magdalena Caravagio, as well as producer Heriberto Flores and director Miguel Ángel Contreras Pelayo, who shared their feelings about the fact that this film will be presented in Guadalajara, in a container like the Cabañas Museum, as well as Talk about their upcoming projects.

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Playing choral was a very cool thing

Para el actor Edgar Treviño quien da vida al personaje de Coral el formar parte de esta cinta fue increíble, ya que anteriormente había terminado una obra de teatro “Como ser gay y no morir en el intento” y tocaba la historia de un vivíti travesti At the beach. This character caught the attention of Serena’s director, who did not hesitate to invite him to be a part of her.

Similarly, Trevigno said he felt parallel to his character since he checked out, at a cabaret show, so he was always in his midst and that was what he liked the most because he never let go of what he usually did.

“When I got to the recording of ‘Serena,’ they asked me who I am and I replied that Coral told me then: But if Coral was going to be a woman and in good health, the story was turned around and the cinematic was really exciting.”

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Carmina, Cursed Red Witch

For her part, the actress Magdalena Caravaggio who plays Carmina, admitted that she loves to play the damned characters because she considers them to be much richer than good characters in general because there are more sides, and there is more oratory.

For Caravaggio, working with director Miguel Angel was a wonderful experience because it gave him all the confidence to play Carmina, a woman full of evil. Besides, this is a talented Jalisco movie on a low budget, with lots of love and camaraderie.

When I asked her how she sympathizes with her character, Magdalena, she commented:

“Since they said red witch I’ve had so much fun, if you’re a witch and if you’re red. That’s the part you don’t let go, I think we all have a lot of me inside and there are some that you let in complete freedom and there are others that you hold, that’s why I love things The bad, the bad characters because I expand there, I exist, but I don’t allow myself to be.”

Watch the “Sirena” projected at the Cabañas Museum, a magical experience

For his part, producer Heriberto Flores said that he was proud to see “Serena” on the Cabañas cinema screen, as well as receiving very good comments from the audience who had the opportunity to see the film.

Miguel Angel Pelayo, director of the feature film, commented that presenting the film in Guadalajara and in such an important location as the Cabañas Museum completes the magic that is part of the Serena.

Finally, Rigoberto Velos, Director of the Tequila International Film Festival, declared that a place as emblematic and also the cultural heritage of humanity such as the shelters of the Cabañas Museum, its programs are so important that it could certainly lead to an upcoming exhibition in this place with materials originating from the 6th edition, which will be Guatemala as a guest Honor.

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Ayutla, Jalisco was the location chosen by the production and direction for the recording of the tape “Serena”

The feature film will be shown at a festival in the UK, and consideration is being given to taking it to another festival in China.

There may be a second production for ‘Sirena’

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