How do you know if your company (really) cares about and takes care of your mental health

Ennis mentions that many companies that did not have internal employee welfare programs and initiatives are starting to promote them, “It’s exciting to see how things are changing, and Now they offer everything from psychological support and therapy services to wellness programs Which includes mindfulness, breathing exercises and yoga at work.

One way to check if mental health is a priority issue is with your company, it is Observe concrete actions and consistency In the practices implemented, Innes explains, she presents a series of factors that can give us a reliable idea of ​​the level of commitment that exists:

Transparency in communication: Companies that take these types of measures usually provide detailed information about the actions taken, such as in their annual reports regarding the company’s sustainability policy.

Long term commitmentSustainable, wellness-oriented initiatives often indicate a real commitment.

Saving resources: Analyze whether the necessary investments and human resources are allocated to support employee health and well-being programs.

Employee engagement: Companies that truly care about their workers involve them in the decision-making process.

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