The White House says the change of attitude toward Cuba continues outside of Biden’s priorities

Such a statement, very similar to the one made on this issue last month, was made by the spokeswoman after being questioned at her daily press conference at the Eighth Congress of the Cuban Communist Party. Photo: PL / Archive

The continued change of attitude towards Cuba outside the foreign policy priorities of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, White House press secretary Jane Psaki repeated Friday.

Such a statement, very similar to the one made on this issue last month, was exposed by the spokesperson after being questioned at her daily press conference on the Eighth Congress of the Cuban Communist Party, which began on April 16 in Havana.

According to Basque, The US administration will watch closely Leadership changes in the Caribbean country.

The spokeswoman said that the US policy towards the island will be governed by what Washington describes as support for democracy and human rights.

Under the pretext of alleged human rights violations on the island, The United States has imposed numerous sanctions on Cuba and insists on doing so Maintaining an economic, commercial and financial blockade for nearly 60 years An existence that receives the rejection of the vast majority of society international.

A week ago, Juan Gonzalez, Biden’s aide and chief director of the Western Hemisphere to the National Security Council, confirmed that the rapprochement with Cuba would be A gradual process and the policy of former President Barack Obama will not resume (2009-2017).

Joe Biden is not Barack Obama in politics toward Cuba, he stated in an interview with CNN, and justified that the political moment has changed dramatically, as Washington focused on various crises in the world and the complex internal situation.

Gonzales admitted that the United States is not in compliance with the immigration agreement with the island regarding the granting of 20 thousand entry visas annually, as he cited the health incidents reported by US diplomats in Havana as an excuse.

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It is surprising that a high-ranking official in the United States government is mentioned The myth of the microwave attacks on American diplomats in Havana, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez responded to this nonsense, which has already been excluded by science, on Twitter.

At the end of 2014, Obama announced the start of a process to normalize relations with Cuba, but after the start of the Donald Trump administration (2017-2021), the White House changed its focus and began imposing numerous sanctions on the Caribbean country. .

For this part, Biden still shows no sign of resuming diplomatic rapprochement under Obama And spokesmen for his administration assert that the policy towards Cuba is undergoing a review process.

Various analyzes indicate that the US government could allow family remittances to be sent, consular posts to be returned to Havana, and North Americans to travel to the island.

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