Releases you can’t miss this weekend

Another weekend of confinement and quarantine is coming, the perfect excuse for marathon series, movies, documentaries and all the premieres on our streaming platforms.

For the same reason, if you are not sure what to see during these days, let’s leave you here 5 things to not miss.

An artist’s image

On Saturday, April 17th, Netflix will release the first documentary on the life and career of late actor Chadwick Bosman.

The production includes a series of interviews with prominent names on the show analyzing and praising the talent of the actor, who is currently earning a posthumous Oscar nomination for his performance in “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”.

It is important to note that it will only be available on the streaming platform for 30 days.

Luis Miguel: The Series

This Sunday lands on Netflix, the second season of the series based on the life and career of the Mexican sun.

Although the search for his mother in the new episodes will continue to be the main topic, we will also see how Luis Miguel achieved international success with his 1993 album “Aries”, the relationship with one of his daughters, and one of the most important moments .. his critics, when a technical breakdown was almost over. His career.

Queen Victoria and Abdullah

The film, starring Judi Dench and Ali Fadl, is based on the book Victoria and Abdul Written by Shrabani Basu, it tells of the friendly relationship between Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and her servant Abdul Karim.

The boy, also known as “The Mansi”, gained the Queen’s trust like no other, became a servant of the king, and eventually became her personal secretary.

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However, he had to accept strong discrimination on the part of the queen’s inner circle, and that the royal family had tried to conceal the friendship they had for more than 100 years.

Available on Netflix.

Big shot

An original Disney + product, suitable for the whole family.

It tells the story of a coach after being kicked out of NCAA, She agrees to work in a girls’ high school.

Which becomes a huge challenge, because to manage a team of girls, you have to use some of the traits that you have forgotten, like sympathy and vulnerability.


If you like horror movies, this one directed by Dave Franco is for you.

It tells the story of two brothers with their partners, who decide to rent airbnb for their weekend, a shared vacation.

Everything seems perfect, even what seemed like a simple vacation between friends turns into a villain when they discover that the homeowner, a somewhat unpleasant man, is spying on them.

In addition, secrets between them are beginning to emerge, which makes matters more complicated.

Available in Amazon Prime Video.

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