India presents a proposal to enhance cooperation with ASEAN

The initiative, which was unveiled at the 20th India-ASEAN Summit in Jakarta, includes connectivity, digital transformation, trade and economic sphere to address contemporary challenges, enhance people-to-people contacts and deepen strategic engagement.

The 12-point project includes among its proposals the creation of a multimodal connectivity and economic corridor between Southeast Asia, India, West Asia and Europe, as well as sharing India’s digital public infrastructure with countries in the regional bloc.

Modi also announced the ASEAN-India Digital Future Fund that focuses on cooperation in digital transformation and financial connectivity.

He also announced renewed support for the Economic and Research Institute of the Political, Economic and East Asian Community to act as a knowledge partner in order to enhance bilateral cooperation.

The Indian Prime Minister insisted on a collective effort to raise the problems facing the Global South uniformly in multilateral forums.

Likewise, he called on the member states of the group to join the Center for Traditional Medicine established by the World Health Organization in India and showcased his country’s experience in providing high-quality and affordable medicines to the people through the government initiative of Jan Ushadi Kindras.

Modi also called for a collective fight against terrorism and its financing and to confront cyber disinformation.

He also called for greater cooperation in matters of maritime safety, protection and environmental knowledge.

He called for strengthening cooperation in disaster management and, in this sense, proposed joining the Alliance for Resilient Infrastructure.

According to diplomatic sources, during the India-ASEAN summit, two joint statements were adopted, one on maritime cooperation and the other on food security, with the participation of the Indian leader, the countries of the group, and East Timor as an observer.

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Modi also held extensive talks with representatives of the bloc on further strengthening the comprehensive strategic partnership and charting its future course.

The Prime Minister highlighted the synergies between the Indo-Pacific Initiative and ASEAN’s outlook in this important area.

He also stressed the need to complete the review of the ASEAN-India Free Trade Agreement in a time-bound manner.


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