The Venezuelan sectors present their proposals to the Dialogue Committee – Prensa Latina

From the state of the Maracay Opera Theater, State of Aragua, the president of the AN, Jorge Rodriguez, announced that as part of the strategies to enhance the work of that commission, a special subcommittee had been established in that region.

The aforementioned local body will be responsible for directing all meetings with the productive, political, cultural, educational and economic forces in the region, and then integrating ideas and proposals in the public report that will be presented to the legislative body.

The head of the dialogue committee stressed that “this trip was important because we hear conflicting positions from the past, and regardless of the differences, we can see that there are similar projects that allow us to build the future.”

He stressed that the proposals include social, cultural and sports activities, in addition to tourism activities to support the business sector, review of the public procurement law for work carried out by universities and the relationship with political parties.

The dialogue committee was formed after the inauguration of the new National Assembly last January, and is currently working to reconcile all political and social forces in the country, to achieve progress in consolidating peace and stability for the homeland.

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