The US Senate approves Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion bailout

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After lengthy debates among Democrats themselves about sticking points, such as minimum wages and benefits for the unemployed, the Blue Party confirmed its minimum majority in the Senate to pass the economic stimulus bill. This plan is one of the spearheads of the Biden administration, which seeks to push the United States toward economic recovery.

On Saturday, March 6, the US Senate approved the $ 1.9 trillion bailout and economic stimulus plan promoted by President Joe Biden, the first major legislative victory for the Democratic administration.

The package of measures, aimed at mitigating the economic effects of the health crisis caused by the epidemic, was approved by a very narrow margin in the House section vote in two: 50 Democratic and 49 Republicans.

The legislation passed provides for direct payments of $ 1,400 to millions of American families, $ 300 weekly benefits for people who were unemployed during the crisis, and funding for vaccines and medical equipment.

The bill got the green light from the Senate after a sharp dispute between the same Democratic ranks over helping the unemployed, which was initially expected to be higher.

The law has to go back to the House of Representatives, which has already approved a different version of the bill, so it will have to reconsider it. The House of Representatives has a Democratic majority, so an easy victory is expected.

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