The US Attorney General decides to postpone the trial of the killer George Floyd

The march of thousands behind a white coffin covered in red roses in Minneapolis demanded the fairness of George Floyd. Photo: EFE.

The trial of the former cop who killed George Floyd in the United States has been postponed by decision of the Deputy Attorney General in the Minnesota Courts.

As announced on Monday, The trial delay responds to an appeals assessment until the court decides whether a judge should return the third-degree premeditated murder charge to Derek ChauvinAnd the Who is the Brutally Suffocated Kneel him down Floyd May 25, 2020For about nine minutes.

A page of racism and cruelty that sparked strong global outrage after the video went viral in which a white policeman abused his authority and claimed the lives of innocent African Americans.

The live broadcast left a record for the trial to be adjourned to A former police officer faces second-degree murder and premeditated charges. An International Demand for Justice by George Floyd It requires a unanimous decision by the twelve jury members (not yet announced), so that Chauvin pays the life of the innocent man who left him without breathing.

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