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After several months of not competing in outdoor events, this Tuesday the Cuban women’s water polo team participated in its first international fair of the year, which seems like a very difficult test and at the same time a great opportunity to take on some of the best teams. The world, something the Antilles don’t often have.

Although the FINA Water Polo World Championship Intercontinental Cup had its first challenges on Monday, the Jorge del Valle students made their debut yesterday against the favorite team from the United States, at the aquatic center of Villa Deportiva Nacional (Vedina), where they played for us At the last Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, in 2019.

The score was adjusted to expectations and the Cubans lost by 2-21 (0-4, 1-4, 0-10, 1-3), and Dalia Rosa Grau of Santiago was the author of the book. Two holes (one as a result of a penalty kick). Dalia, with an extensive roadmap in international tournaments, was the best player in the last National League that was held in Cienfuegos.

For the winning team, led by goalkeeper Amanda Longan (Tokyo 2020) and made up of young players, Gina Flynn stood out with five goals, Taylor Smith (four), Ava Stryker and Emily. Osmos, the makers of each have three.

At the end of the match against North America, the current Olympic champions and world champions (they have won the last three of these competitions), Grau spoke briefly with Rebel youthdigitally.

“It was a very tough match, we tried our best, but we were tired from the flight, we arrived on Monday, very late and we still have three players to join – Alianis Ramirez, Lisbeth Santana and Daniusca Carrasco, from Europe. Our team has new athletes, We hope that they adapt to the course of the competition and show their skills, adding, “We will continue to fight for the classification and that is the main goal.”

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On Wednesday, the islands will clash with Australia and then against Canada (Thursday), Colombia (Friday), Brazil (Saturday) and Argentina (Sunday) in the preliminary stage. In the event of two places in dispute for America in this year’s World Cup, in Hungary (Americans, Canadians and Australians are already ranked).

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