The United States defends its economic plan from criticism ahead of Macron’s visit

WASHINGTON, November 28 The US government on Monday defended its economic plan to combat inflation and climate change – which France accuses of protectionism – a day before US President Joe Biden is to welcome his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron.

In a conference call with reporters, a senior White House official emphasized that the IRA also provides “opportunities for European businesses,” that it is not a “zero-sum game” and that they will work to help Europeans understand it. better.

The official also made it clear that the IRA would be part of the agenda in meetings held by Biden and Macron and that the French side’s concerns “will be answered,” though he avoided commenting on hypothetical exemptions for French products that they are asking the Gaulish country for.

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which includes aid for companies that invest in clean technologies, will take effect on January 1, 2023 and is considering providing millions of dollars in support to companies that invest in the United States.

The program is also very attractive to European companies who, if they move their production, will also be favored by energy prices in the United States, which are lower than in Europe.

In France, there is a willingness to launch a program to counter the possible effects of the Irish Republican Army, and the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, wants the European Union to tell the United States that its program is “unacceptable” and if it is not, if a settlement is possible, he believes that it must be shown packages.

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NASA spokesman John Kirby said, in a press conference on Monday, that Macron, who will arrive in Washington on Tuesday evening, will visit NASA headquarters in Washington on Wednesday, along with US Vice President Kamala Harris.

The aim is to deepen cooperation between the two countries in the field of space exploration, which began 60 years ago, and to strengthen ties between them in the field of combating climate change.

The visit to NASA headquarters follows the first space dialogue between the United States and France, which took place November 9-10 in Paris.

Harris, who visited Paris last year, pledged with Macron to deepen cooperation between the two governments on a variety of issues, including space exploration.

The White House sees Macron’s visit as an opportunity to show the world one of the pillars of Biden’s foreign policy: his commitment to Washington’s traditional allies and especially to France, which the United States considers its “closest partner”. More than two centuries ago that nation was given over to the Thirteen Colonies until it became independent from the United Kingdom.

Macron will be the first leader Biden has honored with a state visit since arriving at the White House in January 2021. EFE

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