These are the attendance and television numbers left by the Qatar World Cup 2022 so far

The 2022 World Cup stadiums, since their launch on November 20 with the opening match between the local Qatar national team and the Ecuador national team, during the first day of the group stage, have recorded an average attendance of 94 percent of their total capacity, according to data recently published by FIFA.

In the same sense, the report of the global football governing body revealed this The match with the largest number of spectators in the stadium was Brazil’s first match against Serbia They won 2-0 at Lusail Stadium on November 24th. There were a total of 88,103 people in the stands.

For its part, the FIFA Fan Festival, located in Al Bidda Park in Doha, achieved the highest cumulative attendance on the same day, with 98,000 fans recorded throughout the day.

In addition, the multinational and multicultural football festival shows all matches of the FIFA World Cup on giant screens, as well as provides free entertainment with concerts by the most famous artists on the world music scene.

In addition to all this revolving around each of the World Cups, FIFA detailed and celebrated the increase in televised audiences, compared to the previous tournament held in Russia in 2018.

In its report, FIFA indicated this The opening match between Qatar and Ecuador gathered an average of 3.3 million viewers and peaked at 3.6 million viewers. Which is a 109 percent increase in audience numbers for the inaugural duel four years ago.

It should be noted that the opening match was attended by a total of 60,700 fans, including citizens and supporters of the Ecuadorian national team. There, in the stands of the stadium, a large yellow spot appeared, reflecting the large number of fans and supporters of the South American team.

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alsoThe audience for that first game grew in South America, with a 50 percent share of the screen on TV Globo (Brazil) or Comparter From 62.5 on Caracol TV (Colombia). In Europe, there was also an increase, with a growth of 57.5 percent more than the opening in Russia and a 30 percent increase compared to what happened in France.

The Netherlands v Senegal broadcast on Monday had a 74.5 percent audience share on the Dutch network NPO1 and an audience of 4.16 million was the highest for November and today. Meanwhile, Wales’ first World Cup match since 1958 was broadcast on ITV across the UK, attracting an audience of 7.8 million viewers, with a 43 per cent share in Wales.

France launched its world title defense with a 4-1 victory over Australia The French channel TF1 recorded the highest viewership for the year, with 12.53 million, with a peak of 14 million and a screen share of 48.1 percent.

Khali, this is how he left the field in the first half as Qatar and Ecuador faced each other

Al-Bayt Stadium was the main stage for the first appearance and opening of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, where the match was between the local team and the Ecuadorian national team 0-2 in favor of the South American national team.

It is worth noting that the Ecuadorian national team achieved that broad score in the first half of the match, and reached the end of the first half with this advantage over the Qatari team. however, At the end of the first half, most of the local fans left the stadium when they saw that their team, the organizers of the World Cup, fell resoundingly. Against the Ecuadorian national team.

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An action that caught the attention of football fans and the World Cup was a surprise and the collective departure of Qataris who showed that they had no hope in their ability to overcome the result.

*With information from Europa Press.

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