United Kingdom: 13 destinations you must visit in 2023

We will not deny it: It was difficult for the panorama to be reborn foodie welshBut now a new generation of chefs have heated their hands in terroir and from it have painted Truffles, scallops and cheese Which fills its restaurants now, from Homepage By James Somerin in Penarth to me SY23 On the Aberystwyth coastDirected by the finalist Great British menu Nathan Davies.

We’re also seeing a boom Remote restaurants at your own paceSuch as Anonin the depths Pembrokeshirewhere Matt Powell It deals with collecting most of its components on the coast, and spread by Gareth WardIn the Davey Valley, which has just been awarded its second Michelin star. Ward’s culinary empire will expand in 2023 with the opening of a restaurant Gwen (named after his mother), an eight-seat venue with sourdough pizza on the menu. for his part, Paternoster FarmAnd the It is located in an old barn PembrokeYou do amazing things with Porthelli oysters, Welsh mountain lamb and wild chard in Five mile holidaysa special menu that brings together all kinds of delicacies from the region.

in CardiganThe Albion Apertify (No doubt more than cool that welsh look in years) will open a file Scandinavian and Japanese cuisine restaurant On the Riviera in 2023, as well as a onsen and a Spa in the woods. Wells appears to have become a Outdoor sauna power uk: Heartwood incense bathsin Snowdoniais launching a new Forest Project in December, where groups of up to 10 people can use a file Wood burning sauna before jumping into the pools Dulles River (Or go to the balcony to do yoga), all surrounded by ancient oak trees and natural pools.

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in Carmarthenshire11 km from the beach Bendin Sands He is experiencing a rebirth of his own; In the spring it will open a file Speed ​​Museumwhich celebrates the many land speed records that have been broken on the beach, incl Idris Elba in a Bentley Continental GTAnd with the new travel path slow On roads and paths Wild Drover Road We apply the handbrake to calmly enjoy 289 kilometers of rural landscape between the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains and the Brecon Beacons.

If you want to toast all of these experiences, you can go to Swanseawhere two penders He will open a new one distillation whiskey In March, or spreadGareth Ward also opened last summer Straw without legs near your restaurant. The fun continues Cardiffwhere is he St Fagans Museum of Natural History The icon was rebuilt on its land Vulcan Pub (a favorite of the Manic Street Preachers), set to open in 2024. To praise this! – Rick Jordan

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