The United States announces a 25% cut in the number of its diplomatic staff in Russia

The United States announced a 75% reduction in the number of its approved consular personnel in the Russian capital, Moscow, and blamed Russia’s action.

“We regret that the actions of the Russian government forced us to reduce our consular workforce by 75 percent, and we will work to provide all possible services to American citizens,” said a statement issued on Friday by the US embassy. In the capital, Moscow.

In the note, after noting that the decision will take effect from 12 May and that it means that “only emergency services will be provided and a very limited number of visas”, it was emphasized that this measure must be adopted due to the recent notification by the Russian authorities of “blocking the mission.” In Russia, the Americans cannot employ foreigners in any capacity. “

The announcement came just over a week after the Russian Foreign Ministry expelled ten employees from the US diplomatic representation in Moscow, in response to a similar move by Washington.

On April 15th, the US administration, headed by Joe Biden, imposed sanctions on 32 entities and citizens of Russia, citing measures “against US sovereignty and interests.”

Along these lines, the White House announced, among other allegations, the expulsion of 10 Russian diplomats, for their alleged involvement in a series of interference in the 2020 presidential elections in the United States.

In turn, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed, the next day, that in response to this, the Eurasian state would put an end to the activity of American institutions and non-governmental organizations in Russia that “openly interferes in our political life.”

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Given the current situation, these measures are part of an escalation of tensions between Washington and Moscow that is growing and recorded in its various aspects. So that if one day it was the European border of Russia, on another day it would be the Arctic, where their differences would appear, among many other things.

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