The United States and the United Kingdom are Ferrovial’s main sources of income

The US and UK were the main sources of income in 2022 for Spanish multinational infrastructure Ferrovial, since In these two countries alone, sales volume exceeded 4,000 million euros, representing 54% of the total group.. In the same year, 82% of the company’s income came from outside Spain.

In the same management report Ferrovial President Rafael Del Pino highlighted a 9.3% increase in group sales in 2022.Until it reached 7.551 million euros. Net profit amounted to 186 million, i.e. 84.5% less.

Of this sales volume, The group earned €2,437 million in the United States, representing more than 32% of the total, and €1,661 million, approximately 22% of total sales in the United Kingdom.

Spain came next, with sales reaching 1,443 million euros, the 19%; Poland €923 million 12%; Canada €523 million, nearly 10%, and Latin America €409 million, 5.4% of the total.

Regarding its main markets, the company also includes a rating from analysts in The United States and Canada represent 81% of the company’s totalThe United Kingdom and Spain will each appear at 6%. The other countries will contribute 4% of the value of Ferrovial and Poland the remaining 3%.

Ferrovial itself confirms this The group continues to focus on its core markets (USA, Canada, Spain, Poland, Chile, UK, India), and will identify specific opportunities in Australia and other Latin American countries.

The year 2022 was an active year for the company’s investments, reaching 856 million euros. Among the operations, the entry into the consortium of New York’s JFK Airport to build and manage the new Terminal 1 until 2060 stands out.

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In the Airports section The multinational company continued to benefit from the continued recovery of traffic at terminals, especially in the case of London Heathrow Airport..

In addition, among the key milestones for 2022 are: Awards to Ferrovial to build Metro Toronto in the amount of €2,042 million; A massive tunnel and bridge project on a new 12-kilometre section of the Pacific Highway in Australia, on the Coffs Harbor Bypass, at a cost of $445 million; As well as the Paris Metro works worth 181 million euros

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