These are some of the electronic devices that promise to brighten your Christmas

Christmas is approaching, the most magical time of the year, and its magic can be raised to new levels, through a series of technological devices, which are not only a good choice to give as gifts to friends and family, but also to increase the enjoyment of parties, making them more comfortable, economical, sustainable and unforgettable. in the end!
In fact, Christmas can be made even more wonderful by using or giving away the most appropriate “gadgets” or electronic devices for this festive season, such as those chosen by different technology professionals and shown below.

Cinema with family and comfort of home.

Spend the afternoon enjoying a ‘marathon’ of Christmas movies, watch together memorable episodes of the series you shared during the year, watch your favorite movie saga or simply watch a short film you all like, on the sofa. At home and in the company of your loved ones, it is an excellent choice for these festive dates.

Acer Vero PL3510ATV Projector. Photo: 121PR.
  • Recent advances: The latest projectors, with low electrical consumption and environmental impact, such as the Acer Vero PL3510ATV, provide advanced image display using laser light, with high energy efficiency.
    Equipped with Full HD resolution, a 4800 ANSI lumen dynamic laser diode and a 50,000:1 contrast ratio, the technology of some of these portable devices makes it possible to display bright, crystal-clear images over long distances, even in bright indoor spaces.

Thermal comfort at home without paying extra.

Smart thermostats with Wi-Fi connectivity allow you to manage your home temperature, without expensive expenses, in a personal way and even from outside, while you are elsewhere, ensuring that the family enjoys a comfortable environment and thermal comfort, when you stay home or when you arrive from shopping or Visiting or other festive activities.

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They are suitable for homes with a single boiler and for homes with central heating with an independent meter.

SPC Vista Intelligent Thermostat. Photo: 121PR.
  • Recent Advances: Advanced versions of these thermostats, such as the SPC VESTA THERMOSTAT, have a “plug and play” installation system, and are compatible with virtual assistants like Google and Alexa.
    All you have to do is place and connect a gateway or “gateway”, install an “application” from the manufacturer on the “smartphone” and synchronize the device, and then the user will be able to control the temperature of his home from his mobile terminal. Adapted to the needs of the family at all times.

Listen to music in high-quality sound.

The latest generation portable speakers are an ideal companion for all kinds of parties, and for birthday parties in particular, because they take the music listening experience to a new level and turn every corner of the house into an environment where you can enjoy the best of the best. The melodies, in their ultimate sonic splendor.
These are devices with elegant designs, in sober colors such as black or black, that not only provide powerful sound and are ideal for indoor spaces, but also adapt to different home decors, including festive ones.

Teufel MOTIV® HOME portable speaker. Photo: 121PR.
  • Recent developments: The latest versions of these devices, such as the Teufel MOTIV® HOME, have audio capabilities of 150 W and active sound in any mode.

It allows you to control the musical experience from your mobile phone or tablet, through its app, which also makes it possible to make custom settings and access playlists via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, as well as radio stations.

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Versatile Tablets: Online versatility.

Another device that makes life easier during Christmas, by simplifying online queries, searches, reservations, purchases, actions and other activities, are multi-purpose electronic tablets, which include advanced functions.
They are ultra-thin and elegant, have powerful microprocessors, different RAM options, long-lasting batteries and displays with IPS technology, which allow a use that adapts to any time and situation, as well as displaying different types of content while respecting its nature.

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SPC GRAVITY 4 PLUS is a multi-purpose “tablet”. Photo: 121PR.
  • Recent developments: Some high-performance tablets, such as the SPC GRAVITY 4 PLUS, with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal uMCP storage, expandable via microSD card, are ideal for storing photos taken on those dates, video calls to loved ones who are away or Download a music playlist and listen to it on the speaker.

Electric and sustainable urban mobility.

Electric scooters are ideal for moving around towns or cities (where their use is permitted respecting applicable regulations), for visiting family, doing the usual Christmas shopping or going to various attractions or facilities launched in this region. Traffic jams characteristic of this time of year.

Equipped with flashing lights, horn, backlight and dual disc brake systems that generate electricity when braking by recharging their batteries, they allow you to move freely, quickly and safely through urban environments.

NIU KQI AIR Electric Scooter. Photo: 121PR.
  • Recent Developments: The recently launched scooters, like the NIU KQi Air, weigh less than 12 kg and also reach a top speed of 32 kilometers per hour, have a range of 50 kilometers and have a maximum power of 700 watts, making them a go-to. It can make traveling around town easier during the busy Christmas season.

Meat dishes, and with the digital “assistant”.

Do you prefer your steak rare while your cousin likes it medium rare and your mom likes it well done…? . Ensuring that dishes are delicious, perfectly cooked and suit every diner’s taste at family gatherings may seem like an “impossible task”, but technology can help with it.
Wireless and smart kitchen thermometers can make it easier to prepare Christmas dishes, which include different types of meat (beef, poultry, fish) and are usually numerous and with very diverse preparations and ingredients.

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MEATER BLOCK Smart Meat Thermometer. Photo: 121PR.
  • Recent Advances: More advanced smart meat thermometers, like the MEATER BLOCK, include four stainless steel temperature probes and a digital display on their dashboard, and allow comprehensive monitoring of up to four cooking preparations simultaneously.

Bluetooth wireless technology allows you to manage the development of different preparations, from your smartphone, thanks to an application from the manufacturer, which can be configured to send personalized alerts and notifications to the cooker based on the detected temperature and time.

This way, you can enjoy family moments while cooking meat in the oven, instead of having to constantly monitor the kitchen.

Well-protected digital content.

Built-in data centers, capable of backing up personal files and digital content from a computer, phone and tablet, simultaneously and at high speed, allow us to keep our precious memories, such as the videos and photos we take during trips, safe and protected on holidays and Christmas parties.

Data Center (a black device connected to your laptop) for BeeDrive backups. Photo: LF Channel.
  • Recent developments: More advanced devices, such as Synology BeeDrive, connect by cable to the computer and via Wi-Fi to mobile devices, automatically make backup copies of all changes that occur in folders that the user has specified to be protected by backup.

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