Brazilian government issues order to ban stolen cell phones

Such a system does not replace the registration of incident reports with law enforcement authorities and the platform will have a website and application.

With the new service, victims will be able to block their mobile phones, phone line and banking procedures with just a few clicks.

Each registered person will be able to indicate security contacts, who will be able to block in case the radiotelephone is stolen from the owner.

Recording episodes in the system does not replace the police report.

The National Telecommunications Agency, financial institutions and private bodies are partners in the work.

From that moment on, phone companies will be able to interrupt the IMEI (unique code for each object) of the stolen device.

Until February, these companies will also be able to cut lines.

According to data from the Brazilian Public Security Yearbook, the South American giant recorded a 16 percent increase in this type of crime in 2022 compared to the previous year, in which 2,321 devices were stolen or stolen daily, with a total of 847,000 devices over the entire year. calendar.

Compared to 2020, there were 22,000 additional cases, but the numbers are lower than in previous years.

The big difference, of course, was the Covid-19 pandemic, when the majority of the population was isolated, with fewer opportunities to commit crime.

According to the portfolio’s executive secretary, Ricardo Cappelli, mobile phone robberies and theft are “one of the crimes that plague the Brazilian population today.”

He described the new system as an emergency button that will turn a cell phone “into a useless piece of metal.”

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For Cappelli, “The cell phone turns out to be the greatest asset that people carry on a daily basis. Not just the device, but inside it, such as credit card, bank details and personal data.

Currently, the cellular device acts as a portal into which a person puts his entire life. The official stressed, “We saw the necessity of trying to intervene in this reality.”


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