The United States and Canada reached the quarter-finals with goals

The United States and Canada teams reached the Gold Cup quarter-finals, Thursday, by scoring two goals against Martinique and Haiti, respectively, at the end of the sixth day, and the second in Group B, of the sixteenth edition of the continental championship.

The ratings for both countries were as expected, and perhaps the only new thing that was very negative for CONCACAF football was that they did it against teams full of amateur players and a very low level of football.

Thus, the USA’s 1-6 win over Martinique is of no greater value than achieving a second win so far in this tournament and a pass to the quarter-finals.

It also highlights the good scoring performance of Orlando City’s young striker, Daryl Dyke, who led the US attack with two goals scored in the 14th minute against 0-1 and 59 against 0-3.

Dike assisted Samuel Camille’s own goal in the 23rd minute for a 0-2 break that was all set, while the football show at Mercy Park’s children’s park, Kandas City, was abysmal.

Thus, for the Stars and Stripes supporters, the compensation was to see four more goals from their team in the second half scored by Dike, Miles Robinson, Gyasi Zardes and Nicholas Gioacchini, another of the young talents whose coach Greg Berhalter called up the national team and appeared for the first time.

But despite winning and qualifying for the quarter-finals, the US team is unknown in terms of its true footballing potential, given that both Haiti and Martinique were contenders who lacked football qualifications that could serve as a reference.

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The same happened with Canada, who beat Haiti with a 1-4 defeat, the team affected by the losses of the COVID-19 infection and without having reactions on the field as well.

That scoring could be somewhat unfair for Haiti, who created several dangerous chances and scored a superb goal to cut the score to 2-1 in the 56th minute.

However, Canada will regain momentum and add two more goals, to repeat the result they scored against Martinique over the weekend.

Canada set the tone early on, scoring their first goal in the fifth minute. Lucas Cavallini made a mistake to put a free kick in a dangerous position about 20 meters from the goal.

Attacking midfielder Stephen Ostaciu seized the opportunity, perfectly putting the ball into the net to give Canada an early lead, and then things went well for his team.

Especially because in the second half came out young striker Ayo Akinola, who immediately made his presence felt when he forced in the 78th minute what was the second penalty kick of the game and veteran Junior Howlett’s chance to put the final 1-4.

Now the most important match in Group B will be the match that the United States and Canada will play next Sunday to determine the region’s captain and coincidentally leave the training phase that played the championship against Haiti and Martinique.

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