The United Nations calls for responsibility for the elections in Ecuador – Prensa Latina

The High Representative of the United Nations, through a statement issued by his spokesperson’s office, called for respecting the institutional and legal frameworks for the second round of elections on April 11th.

He also expressed confidence that the contested electoral court would swiftly and seriously address complaints arising from this process.

Guterres welcomed the holding of peaceful general elections on February 7, and took note of the announcement of official results by the National Election Board on February 21.

According to local Ecuadorian media, the road to the second round of the presidential election has been marked by allegations of alleged fraud by the Pachacutec party, the representative of indigenous peoples and nationalities, and its candidate, Yaco Perez.

This Tuesday, the National Electoral Council of Ecuador announced that the timetable for the second round remained unchanged, after opposing votes were counted from the first.

A total of 413 million 683 ballot papers were counted in the presence of delegates from various competing movements and international observers.

According to official data, candidate Andres Arouz, from the progressive coalition “Union for Hope”, received 32.72% of support in the elections.

Meanwhile, Guillermo Laso, of the center-right coalition, CREO, finished with 19.74% of support, and Yako Perez, of Pachacutec, with 19.38.

For this reason, the president of Ecuador will be decided in the ballot scheduled for April 11th, between Aruz and Laso, who received the most votes.


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