Fleets: Twitter launches a Tweets tool that is disappearing worldwide | Twitter

Twitter has launched a new feature worldwide called “Fleets”: Tweets that disappear after 24 hours, similar to the stories feature on Snapchat and Instagram.

Twitter previously announced its plan for these fleeting tweets, codenamed “Astateel,” and Feature tested in BrazilAnd Italy, India and South Korea.

Twitter’s design director, Joshua Harris, and product director, Sam Huffison, wrote in a blog post.

“As they disappear from view after day, fleets have helped people feel more comfortable sharing personal and ordinary thoughts, opinions, and feelings.”

Some Twitter users who tried the tool said it created disturbing opportunities for online harassment, such as allowing unwanted direct messages. It also allowed the authors of the fleets to tag people who had blocked them. Twitter said it is listening to comments and is working on fixes for these safety concerns.

Fleets can include text, photos, and videos. It will be available at the top of the main timelines for users on Twitter and on the sender’s profile.

Twitter and other social media companies are under pressure to improve police abuse and viral disinformation. Twitter spokeswoman Liz Kelly said fleets are subject to the same rules as tweets.

Kelly said the warnings or posters – which Twitter has begun to apply to content like manipulated media and misinformation about civilian operations or Covid-19 – could apply to fleets.

Twitter also confirmed that it is working on a live audio feature called Spaces that it aims to test soon. The feature will allow users to speak in public group chats. It has similarities with Clubhouse, which is a social platform that uses voice chat rooms.

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“Given all the possibilities for abuse within the vocal spaces, we will make it available first to women and historically marginalized communities,” Kelly said.

Twitter earlier this year launched a feature for users to tweet recorded voice notes.

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