The United Kingdom proposes a plan to end Israeli aggression

The British government proposes a A 5-point plan to end the Israeli aggression against Palestine. The UK proposal comes after increasing pressure in the West for a permanent ceasefire and the launch of a political process to establish a Palestinian state.

The initiative is considered a Immediate cessation of hostilities. British Foreign Secretary David Cameron discussed this matter this week with the leaders of both Israel and Palestine.

The new plan would help ensure release held in Gaza and negotiated thereon Permanent ceasefire. This was stated by the Financial Times, citing a senior British official.

The British official indicated this after its implementation He added: “We have to work hard to turn it into a permanent ceasefire and really focus on the things that are realistic and achievable that can really achieve an agreement.” A permanent and sustainable ceasefire“.

What is the subject of the British proposal?

The UK's new plan to end Israeli aggression against Palestine addresses different interests.

On the one hand, it proposes creating a clear “political horizon” for the issue Establishment of the Palestinian state Israel's neighbor. In this sense, it refers to the formation of a “technocratic” Palestinian government to administer the occupied West Bank and Gaza after the conflict.

As it indicates Release all detainees Hamas and its commitment not to attack Israel. This point will be guaranteed by the countries of the region participating in the agreement.

In addition, the proposal includes that senior Hamas leaders in Gaza leave the Strip for another country.

The UK believes its plan could be just that Complementary to other initiatives It was discussed with the governments of the United States, European and Arab countries.

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“I think there is Growing consensus in the international community The hostage agreement and the temporary ceasefire are the keys to opening the possibility of a permanent ceasefire.The British official said.

Obstacles to a ceasefire

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu It rejects any measure aimed at establishing a Palestinian state Or work with the Palestinian Authority. He also rejects a permanent ceasefire Even with the release of the hostages.

Netanyahu He insists on continuing the attack Israel is in Gaza to destroy Hamas and seek “total victory.”

The negotiations between the West and the Arab countries aim to form a Palestinian state away from the Palestinian Authority headed by President Mahmoud Abbas.

according to Financial Times, Arab countries insist that it is up to the Palestinians to choose the composition of the administration. This should focus on the reconstruction of Gaza and the management of the West Bank areas.

However, the biggest hurdle will be… Guarantees of legality for all parties included. The new plan to end Israeli aggression must convince Hamas, the Israeli government, the West and the Arab countries to ensure its implementation.

This week, the International Court of Justice in The Hague made its first decision on the case brought by South Africa. a Complaint against Israel for genocide committed against Palestinians in Gaza.

Court President Joan Donoghue acknowledged that the Israeli aggression caused a large number of casualties, massive destruction, and forced displacement of residents in the Gaza Strip.

However, despite the International Court of Justice affirming that Palestinians have the right to protection from acts of genocide, He did not demand a ceasefire.

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